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We are a corporate communications team going beyond the obvious to guide our clients, aiming for a long-term relationship that will help them evolve. That is why we prefer to describe ourselves as a team, instead of an agency. And that is why we see ourselves as allies and coaches of our clients, not as just service providers.

At Feliciano Communications we use public relations, advertising, promotions and professional events production to generate assertive communication. This is our specialty. For 10 years we have been accompanying our clients in the physicians' and professionals' event markets.

Under the leadership of our president Nelly Feliciano Cintrón, a team of experts on the health industry and other service sectors tends to the needs of highly specialized professional organizations. We collaborate with clients in a relationship that is more like coaching than a business deal, which allows us to become allies and help them achieve long-term success.

Events produced by Feliciano Communications stand out for their effectiveness and for participants' satisfaction. This has driven clients and others in this industry to point out when an event has the 'Feliciano Communications stamp' -- that is, the quality features that lead to a successful event.


Our mission is to provide strategies and tools to assertively communicate our clients' messages, obtaining the desired results by using public relations, marketing and advertising, among other professional disciplines.


We work to be recognized by our clients as the leading company in corporate communications and event coordination, and valued for the personal and professional quality of our team.

Nuestra presidenta

Nelly Feliciano Cintrón has 22 years of experience in the communications field, in areas like public relations, marketing and advertising sales. After several years in the public and private sectors, she createdFeliciano Communications o provide the personalized service and attention to detail that many professional organizations are looking for when producing educational activities or developing integrated communications strategies.

In addition, she is a licensed public relations practitioner in Puerto Rico.


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