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We provide integrated communications services, with emphasis on:

  • Events production and coordination
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Corporate identity

Why Does Your Organization Need Event Production Services

Continued education —including workshops, conferences, conventions and meetings— is one of the most valuable services provided by professional organizations and associations. These are complex activities that, in order to be successful and profitable, require experience in events logistics and top-level communications skills to attract target audiences.

Feliciano Communications helps groups and organizations with its expertise in marketing and sales, as well as advertising and communications, to guide them in producing an effective event.

We work with our clients at all stages of production: from developing budgets, to identifying grants, scholarships and sponsorships, registry coordination, and supporting the education committee, among other areas.

Medical Academy: Transforming Primary Care, towards a model of Quality and Profitability

We have expert human resources to offer tools and skills to meet the needs of small or large medical practices. We design a strategic plan for you and your office staff can offer a unique experience of services taking into account the complexity of its organizational structure. Our goal with this workshop is to transform your office into a more efficient and can work intelligently, recovering time and profits.

Our offer:

1. Conduct an analysis of his office, sharing findings and recommendations.
2. Train and maximize the human resources of his office to the new targets.
3. Evaluate processes and procedures to optimize the operation of your practice simple and functional form
4. Reduce potential risks in health scenarios
5. Increase profit margins
6. Know and comply with requirements of regulatory agencies
7. Establish a total quality program. Itemize some comprising total quality

Feliciano Communications Newest Service: KoneCtion MD

We know about the time constraints that healthcare professionals live with, and we want to help them grow their practices. This division works as a liaison with different agencies for:

  • Obtaining and renovating a registry number
  • Managing health plan documents
  • Medicare
  • AMSSMA license
  • Good conduct certificate
  • DEA license
  • Physician's Association certificate
  • Medical Licensing Board
  • Good Standing
  • Physician Dispensing Registration
  • Health Department License

  • Integrated Communications for Business Success

    All communication services offered by Feliciano Communications complement event production services, or can be provided separately to businesses and organizations in need of strategic messaging.

    We bring an integrated vision that combines tactics from public relations, advertising and marketing, so the target audiences get the message.

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